First let me say that The UrbanFoodie is a labor of love….more like an uber-hobby. We love food. I mean, we really love food. This blog is a celebration of that obsession.

Now, while I love duck confit as much as the next guy (actually, probably a little more), this site is not about fussy, intricate dishes that require hard to find ingredients, overly complicated cooking techniques and the use of over-priced kitchen gadgets.
On the contrary, this site is about the discovery of simple and beautiful food – and my successes and many failures along the way.

A few housekeeping items
If you want to use a photo that is published on these pages for another website, please ask for permission first, give proper credit and provide a link back to The UrbanFoodie.

Reader comments are welcomed, encouraged and very much appreciated. With that said, comments that are rude, derogatory to others and off topic will be zapped. And oh yeah, spam will be deleted in a blink of an eye. So don’t even try posting your ad for your ’enhancement’ products. I’ve tried them all and they don’t work. 🙂

The goal is to keep the site regularly updated. But if you are unable to come to UrbanFoodie, The UrbanFoodie will come to you. You can subscribe to receive our RSS feed (see left footer). RSS to techy for you? You can join our Facebook group (here) and/or follow our photo journal on Instagram (here). Man, this is a top-notch operation, right?.

I think that’s it for now… now on to the boring stuff… me.

About Melissa
Did I mention that I love food? Well, I love everything about it: cooking it, eating it and entertaining with it. Now, there are a few exceptions to my unconditional love of all things food and entertaining: gutting fish; cleaning up the house before guests arrive and cleaning up the house after guests leave; overcooked pork and undercooked poultry; getting the check at a really nice restaurant and walking through the doors of a really bad restaurant; White Zinfandel and friends who drink White Zinfandel (these ‘friends’ typically become ex-friends, fast); being forced to sit and watch someone enjoy a great bowl of lobster bisque (I’m allergic to shellfish…life isn’t fair) and being forced to watch someone slurp down a bowl of ‘imitation lobster bisque’ while wearing a plastic Red Lobster bib….you get the point. I love almost everything about food.

With all of that said, take off your coat, relax, pour yourself a really nice glass of God-awful, sugar-saturated White Zinfandel (you know who you are) and please enjoy the blog.

I almost forgot. Wanna send me a recipe to try out and post or maybe you just want to say ‘hello’ or maybe you’re the president of the National White Zinfandel Association and you want to give me a piece of your mind – shoot me a note through the contact page.